The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade

by One Day, After School...

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released February 13, 2012

All songs by One Day, After School. Recorded by Rob Slater onto 2 inch tape at Greenmount Studios in Armley in September 2011. On this occasion ODAS were: Dean Freeman: Guitars / Basses / Piano / Noise / Vocals - Dan Hayes: Drums / Precious Time / Sweat - Rob Slater: Backing Vocals / Patience / Tape Hiss. Released by Philophobia Music



all rights reserved


One Day, After School... Wakefield, UK

One Day, After School are from West Yorkshire.

They make music that sounds like the bands they like, with their own twist on it. What bands do they like? Stuff like Mogwai, The Delgados, Low, Bloc Party, Slint, Sonic Youth.

The Invisible Anchor is their debut album and probably the first time they've found their own voice. It was a long journey to get there but we think it was worth it.
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Track Name: Waves Of Fatalism
A Solipsis Township of Post-Soviet fiction,
A Collectivist ambition to dream of escape,
But not escape.
A gamblers run on Occam's Razor
Built curriculum and veteran statues

An economy of homely reality please
And 50 channels of alternity.
Shadows on the wall, just some shadows on the wall
Whose fire makes them real?
You cant help to 'be'.

The Waves of Fatalism in the Former Western Quarter
The Singing Orphans Choir for the old prefectures gloried Daughter.

Stasi born
The children of sex tourists play pool in Communist canteenas,
back-water satellite capital to nothing,
Kalashnikov pass time under iron ceiling
Inject some feeling.

Modernity is the modern disease
Appease their curiosity
Luxuries shame, all else numb power
The lense of the universe blinks
A chain reaction of inconsequence
How did you escape?

The Waves of Fatalism in the Former Western Quarter
The Singing Orphans Choir for the old prefectures gloried Daughter.
Pleskau youths have nothing to prove
Miss Universe splits the atom in the Louvre
Whilst the grasshopper lies things wont improve
Advise the Deutsche colonists on the moon

'Escaping history' Oksana says
'Academia or the airbrush figure not
Just be brave and be beautiful
Feel the weight of history fall about you like the snow'.
Track Name: Joyously Void
Every Tv broadcast has the same essential story arc
The art of repetition sold to slaves of routine and coma
Advertising sells a lifestyle, a lie shall i aspire to be
Sell obsessed domestic privilage to an economic downward spiral

And the morals of this colony, a civic duty silenced by
The buzz of plasma Tv cornered lightly into pre-fab flats
In outer inner city housing zones built to restrain hope
Find the tiny details of difference that makes life liveable

And your school friends ambition beyond their years
Torn in to full stops of engagement and reproduction
And i'm sad to see you happy your old dreams in dust
And your new ones pure distraction
From the hole you celebrate,
You celebrate by
Filling it
With monuments
To the mire
You settle for

Why did i try so hard at school to spend all my waking hours in the company of the joyously void?
Track Name: Enmity / Entropy
There's nothing worse than lost love finding
Solice in childbirth or comfort in work
Each won smile reminding the betrayal still hurts
And the knowledge it's cover for one broken lover
Just back breaks your spirit
And though you still know it
The temptation for compromise
Fills hope where raw passion lies
And soon you are empty drinking slowly at parties

The small universe corrodes to the beat of humming birds
The broken ghost of socialism holds it's breath and forgets the words
You spun it / I bought it

Circling the orbit for our paths to cross once more
In vacuum the entropy sweats out through every pour
A dying sun still burns, a dying vein hot with opium
Your victories are forgotten, your friendships age to tedium
You spun it / I bought it

A Quiet Life will come in time
And all you ever want to be is home
And all you'll ever know's what''s known
And you'll only ever see what's shown

Centuries of enmity go on
You are dust and finite; you are
When entropy falls and realities walls melt like ice cubes
Take a deep last breath and wait for me

Fuck the new car, fuck a week in the sun
Fuck Sky Tv and what you could've won
Fuck the simple life, fuck the well worn road
Fuck the happiness app and the prozac download
Fuck the banks, fuck the interest rates
Fuck talking shop with your dumb-fuck workmates
Fuck promotion, fuck another 2K
Fuck dreaming of escape whilst working your life away

I remember you young, i remember you smiling
We laughed at the world whilst the sky it was falling
Now time it just bores me, i forget all our stories
The loves in the knowing and still we keep going

The skill of not giving a fuck, but looking like you do.
I always got it the wrong way round
Track Name: Circa 99
I flick back in time
To english class circa '99
I told em a war was coming
And we were cannon fodder for Blairite lie

But they laughed and they left
I was just happy to be among them again

I knew soon i would be back
So i threw a house pary and drank to the old tunes
I wowed friends with their futures
Except the ones who died

I could've changed it all
I could've told the press, but instead...

I found the courage i never had
And asked you to that film
You smile as you fade away
And with a snap, i'm back
And through the window in the winter downpour
A new universe is born
Track Name: The Future Is Not Ours
An edukator tends their nest
A law of fractured aqiuesce
A madness like a woodpecker
First generation middle class will ask
Where does my education get me now?

I kissed some girl less than a mile from the crash site
Comrade Petra called late last night
'We're gonna make alternaties, blow a hole straight through tedium and irony'
Third generation iconclast will ask
Where does indoctrination get me now?

Das Capital in libraries rubble
Flashcard culture in hermetic bubble
Try flower in a vacuum, rooting in the scars
No song for the wars the future is not ours

The rain it comes the morals of movies ten types of toothpick a sign we're losing blood arc up federal banks apologists in a american leather and NATO tanks we were young and they were old how could we fail comrade i fade the curling shame inside our hearts we've broken the contradiction we've become

Everyday is a battle against the sinking
Get out, your work defines you
Everyday is a battle against the sinking
And if you care, you lose